Waboba Street Ball
  • Waboba Street Ball

Waboba Street Ball

Follow the bouncing ball (if you can)

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    which way will it bounce next?

    Bright colours – we can understand. Springy, rubbery boingyness – we can undertstand. But what in Tigger’s lisp is inverted bounce?! We have no idea, but the makers of the Waboba Street Ball claim they’ve nailed it (and even patented it). So how do you invert a bounce?

    Well, by creating a rubber ball that’s covered in symmetrical ridges and troughs. Just hurl the knobbly, bobbly ball at the floor and, depending on how it lands, it could rebound in any direction.

    However, with a bit of practice you’ll be able to predict which way the Waboba’s going to go. So gather your friends around and get ready for the most random (and exhausting) game of throw and catch you’ll ever play!

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