WWII R/C Plane
  • WWII R/C Plane

WWII R/C Plane

Tally ho, pip pip, and Bernard's your uncle!

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    Colours may vary from that of the WWII R/C Plane pictured.
    We've all fantasized about being a WWII flying ace; soaring through the skies and flying sorties over enemy territory. The problem is the war's over. But even if you had a time machine would you really want to spend all day listening to crackly Vera Lynn records whilst worrying about being shot down and incarcerated alongside Dickie Attenborough, Steve McQueen and James Garner?

    You would? Well grab your goggles and prepare to say tally-ho to the Luftwaffe with an amazing X-Flying Club R/C plane. Based on a World War Two classic aircraft this spiffing rechargeable flying machine is just the ticket in terms of realism, and so easy to fly you'll be humming the Dambusters theme in no time.

    Unlike many of today's stop-the-pigeon-style R/C planes, this twin-prop machines actually look like a genuine aircraft finished in camoflague colours. You can almost hear the flutter of ration books above the splutter of engines as you prepare for take-off.

    Speaking of which, getting your plane to go up-diddly-up-up is a doddle as this lightweight flyer is hand-launchable. Better still, if your aircraft goes down-diddly-own-down you won't need to worry as the X-Flying Club plane is practically indestructible. That's because it's constructed from ultra-durable polyfoam - a light, flexible material that laughs in the face of crash-landings and tweaks the nose of oncoming brick walls.

    Piloting your plane is a doddle. You control the airborne action via a sleek twin-channel digital proportional controller. This nifty twin-toggle unit also doubles up as a charging station. Simply attach the 'fuelling' cable, wait for the green light to go out and Winston's your uncle!

    Airlifter is an absolute pleasure to pilot as it's so easy-to-fly. Even complete R/C rookies will be pulling off spectacular stunts and soaring through the skies like Douglas Bader at full pelt. In fact, here at Firebox Command we can see no good reason why you wouldn't want to sign up and fight the good fight right now. That's not a request, it's an order. Roger and out!

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