Vs. Battle Tanks
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Vs. Battle Tanks

We will fight them on the desk...we will never surrender!

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    Tank-based warfare has always been a scary business. Not only do these armour-plated behemoths pulverise everything in their path, they're also awkward to drive and impossible to park. On top of this, commanding a tank usually involves joining the military - a scenario that invariably involves getting shot at. A lot.

    And yet, despite all of the above, most of us have fantasised about getting behind the complex controls of one of these turret-swivelling, caterpillar-clad colossuses, especially an ultra modern model.

    Well now you can do exactly that without even leaving your desk, because Vs. Battle Tanks are back, and this time they're better than ever. Based on the latest American and European combat tanks (the M1A2 Abrams and Leopard 2A5), these all new infra red RC vehicles boast several new features. You'll be able to fight them on the desktop, fight them on the floor and never surrender like never before!

    Each diminutive but detailed tank boasts a swivelling turret, realistic new sound FX and a rata-tat-tat machine gun function. Add to this go-anywhere caterpillar tracks, flashing damage indicators, kickback shooting action and supreme manoeuvrability and you're looking at the ultimate weapons of micro distraction!

    With up to 4 different frequencies you can enjoy exciting multi-front battles with fellow tank commanders. But stay alert because a direct hit will cause your tank to spin a full 360. Four hits and it will be completely disabled. Thankfully this war isn't real, so you can get back to work or reset your tank for another thrilling confrontation.

    Vs. Battle Tanks are controlled via gorgeously re-styled controllers that also serve as charging units and display stands. Handy, because as well as being all-spinning, all-flashing, all-gunning desktop battlers, these titchy tanks are realistic enough to display on a shelf or desk. In fact, you'll feel like awarding yourself a medal just for ordering one. So fall in, you 'orrible little 'erberts. Your country needs you!

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