Voyager GPS 400

    Voyager GPS 400

    Show me the way to go...anywhere!

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    Please note:
    The Voyager GPS 400 is not supplied with a booster aerial as described in the Summer 2006 catalogue.


      Being lost is really rather fashionable at the moment. But prancing about on a mysterious island with a gaggle of suspiciously glamorous survivors is a far cry from pulling out your hair whilst driving round the Birmingham gyratory system for the umpteenth time. And asking for directions is about as effective as chucking darts at a map because most of us listen attentively then go 'what did he say?'

      Voyager GPS 400 That's why you need the amazing, feature-packed Shinco GM-400 GPS. Barely bigger than an iPod, the stylish Shinco is destined to become an indispensable travelling companion as it will guide you to your destination with stunning accuracy, identify points of interest and can be used in and out of the car.

      Voyager GPS 400 Boasting a gorgeous 4" LCD colour touch screen with day/night mode, the GM-400 displays your route via two and three dimensional maps and is accurate to within 3 metres. Indeed, getting lost will soon be a thing of the past as this smart rechargeable gizmo gives concise, turn-by-turn voice guidance that anyone can follow.

      Voyager GPS 400 Add to this intuitive controls and ultra-powerful Destinator software featuring over 2 million points of interest (including petrol stations by brand, nightspots, car parks, train stations and hotels), door-to-door mapping, postcode navigation and stored favourites, and you're looking at a portable sat nav system that leaves pricier rivals up on bricks on the hard shoulder. This amazing bit of kit is even upgradeable via soon-to-be-available SD cards containing maps of Europe and more.

      Voyager GPS 400 Voyager GPS 400

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