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Voodoo Pen Display
  • Voodoo Pen Display

Voodoo Pen Display

Get your (ball)point across

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    Placing the pen into the holder


    Poking pens in a designer effigy might sound pretty daft, but as any desk jockey will tell you, executive life frequently sucks; sometimes we’d all like to stick it to the boss (or even that imbecile in IT) after a hard day’s work. And that’s where the über-stylish Voodoo Pen Display comes in.

    Following on from the spectacular success of the similarly ouch-tastic Voodoo Knife Display, this designer pen holder is one of the most visually striking desktop accessories we’ve ever seen. Designed by Raffaele Iannello, it depicts an unfortunate Morph-like figure who’s had a run-in with half a dozen stainless steel ballpoint pens. Now that’s gotta hurt!

    As well as its obvious aesthetic appeal, this remarkable curio is a practical addition to any style-conscious screen monkey’s desk. And because it comes with six high quality javelin-style biros, you’ll never have to rummage through your drawers looking for a pen again. Simply extract one from any of the Voodoo’s strategically-positioned slots and get scribbling. It’s really rather cathartic.

    The pen

    High quality Javelin-style biro

    writing with the pen

    Write to your pen friend in style

    But it’s sticking the pens in, Voodoo-style, that’s the fun bit. ‘No pay rise this year?’ (Ouch!); ‘So what if I said the boss’s wife’s got a face like a trampled bag of chips?’ (Eek!); ‘Here’s what I think of your human resources!’ (Aargh!). Even if you possess the penmanship of a hippo in boxing gloves we guarantee you’ll never tire of slotting biros in this hapless chap.

    Available in sleek black or striking red, the Voodoo Pen display is all set to replicate the eye-popping sales of its kitchen-based counterpart, so we strongly suggest you get ordering pronto. Is the pen mightier than the sword? You decide!
    The Black and Red Voodoo Pen Displays

    From L-R the sleek Black and striking Red Voodoo Pen Displays

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