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Voltage iPod Control Bags
  • Voltage iPod Control Bags

Voltage iPod Control Bags

iPod controls? They're in the bag

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    Voltage iPod Control Bags
    If the big man upstairs had wanted us to listen to music whilst carrying backpacks and holdalls he would have spliced MP3 players into our brains and embedded joypads in our index fingers. But he didn't, so thank goodness for Voltage iPod Bags.

    These iPod-friendly backpacks/laptop bags are set to revolutionise the way you listen to music on the move because they feature integrated, stitched-in control panels that allow you to control your iPod remotely. This means you can adjust volume, rewind, fast-forward and skip tracks without having to root around for your iPod. Brilliant!

    Listening to music:

    Voltage iPod Control Bags


    Connect your iPod

    Audio functions on the shoulder strap

    Voltage iPod Control Bags

    Connect your headphones to the shoulder strap

    Each sturdy Voltage Bag contains a special zipped docking section complete with connectors to link your iPod to the exterior control panel. Simply pop in your player and you're away. Just think, with a Voltage you can carry all your bits and bobs and control your music without lifting a finger. Well okay, you'll need to lift a finger but only as far as your Voltage's built-in controller.

    And what about those controllers? Well, the über-practical Voltage Backpack features a unique mini-joystick that gives a reassuring 'click' every time you toggle the soft rubber stick.

    Voltage iPod Control Bags

    Connecting your iPod to the joystick controller


    Voltage iPod Control Bags

    Padded laptop sections inside

    Ideal for anyone who loves music and carries a bag (that'll be everyone, then) these high quality, high-tech receptacles are packed with practical features, including flaps, pockets, zipped sections for pens and wallets, adjustable carry straps and padded laptop sections with Velcro sealers to keep your precious computer (up to 15.4" screen) safe and sound.

    Whether you're commuting, holidaying, snowboarding, hiking, posing (c'mon, we all do it) or simply can't be bothered foraging around when you're on the move, Voltage iPod Bags are just the ticket. Music? It's in the bag. Controller? It's on the bag!

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