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Voltage Village Glowing House Kit

Light Emitting Dwellings

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  • Re-discover the supreme joy of making things yourself
  • Create the perfect window display or night-light.
  • Harness the untold power of ELECTRIC PAINT
  • As the light begins to fade your village comes to life
When was the last time you got a bit crafty and made something yourself? It's undeniably fun and rewarding but we don't do it nearly enough. Everyone loves their own pet project, particularly when the marvel of electricity is involved and the Voltage Village Glowing House Kit satisfies this forgotten niche perfectly.

This charming little kit contains all the materials you need to make two glowing paper houses using Electric Paint. Simply pop out the parts and get folding, with sticky dots and stickers included there's no need for any scissors or glue.

You don't even have to wield a soldering iron or dissolve a PCB in your own acid bath (what, you don't have one?), just bend and attach the components onto the cardboard and then the magic of the electric pen allows you to draw on the circuitry.

As dusk begins to fall on your tranquil cardboard abodes and the ambient light begins to fade, the Light Dependent Resistor in the chimney will prompt your houses to start to glow. They make the perfect window display or night-light and you'll have the pleasure of saying "Oh those? Yes they are rather nice aren't they – I made them."

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