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Voice Pad

    Voice Pad

    It speaks for itself

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      Who buys those cards with fawning, overcooked messages so gut-wrenchingly twee that it makes you want to gag? 'Fankyou for being the bestest mummy, I weally weally wuv you' or however the damn things go, it's no wonder so many people turn to the plain card for their greetings. But then a simple 'happy (insert occasion here)' doesn't really do the trick. Can you see where this one is going...

      For the perfect personalised message, look no further than Voice Pad. Cannily capturing whatever sounds you wave in front of it - we find voices are good, but excerpts of music, dialogue or any sound will come out nicely thanks to the more-than-adequate sound reproduction - the Voice Pad will then play those sounds back when the chosen recipient presses the button marked 'PRESS'. It forms a unique and very personal addition to your gift offering, and most people tend to like that kind of thing.

      Brilliant for saying things that you daren't write down, or don't know the spelling of, a Voice Pad can also do its stuff outside the realm of the gift message. Stick one on a cupboard or the fridge to remind you of something or as a verbal warning to those pinching your provisions. The reminding function is particularly useful - ten seconds is short, but it's plenty of time to say what you have to.

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