Vivicam Slim - V3830
  • Vivicam Slim - V3830

Vivicam Slim - V3830

Super slim, competition-crushing digicam

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    According to experts a good photographer lives, eats and sleeps with his/her camera. A great axiom, but, until recently, not one that could realistically be adhered to. After all, have you ever tried slipping a whopping great SLR camera and several rolls of film into your pyjama pocket? We have and we looked as if we were smuggling house bricks to bed – talk about indecent exposure!

    Vivicam Slim But we digress. And with good reason. Because thanks to the incredibly slender Vivicam Slim you can take ultra high quality photos and video clips wherever and whenever you like.

    This wafer thin slice of circuitry is pocket-friendly in every sense, as it out- performs similar looking, much higher priced machines. Indeed, at this price you'd be forgiven for thinking the Vivicam Slim was lagging behind in the feature-stakes, but you'd be sorely mistaken.

    Vivicam Slim

    The stylish 4 megapixel Vivicam Slim utilizes a CCD sensor for incredible clarity. But that's just for starters. It also boasts a high quality 2" screen, 2272x1704 maximum resolution, 3x optical zoom as well as 3x digital zoom, movie mode with sound, flexible flash setting and a voice memo function - incredible when you consider how effortlessly portable it is. Add to this USB connectivity and powerful but dummy-proof software and you're looking at a truly desirable bit of kit that's more than a match for pricier rivals. In fact if the competition wore boots, they'd be shaking in them.

    Vivicam Slim It doesn't seem that long ago that a camera this slim was considered a far- fetched flight of fancy; the sort of gizmo Bond might grab off Q before making a crummy joke (oh really, 007!). But the Vivicam Slim is a gorgeously chic slice of hi-tech reality and it's here at Firebox right now. Go on, it's what pockets were made for!

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