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Vivicam 3.1 - V3750
  • Vivicam 3.1 - V3750

Vivicam 3.1 - V3750

If anything can, the Vivicam can

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    Stick a fork in your ancient 35mm camera because it's well and truly done! Digital photography is the way forward - an indisputable fact borne out by the staggering popularity of Vivitar's most excellent Vivicam range. Indeed, digital cameras are no longer Flash Harry gizmos for Mr Fancy Pants-type show-offs. They're the only serious choice for anyone who takes pictures. And that, dear reader, means you!

    Vivicam 3.1 But isn't digital photography all technical and complicated, you ask? Well no, not if you get your hands on the Vivicam 3.1. This chic, compact and easy-to-use camera does everything your current brickcam can and a whole lot more. Plus it's pocket- friendly in both price and size. Indeed, not so long ago, a camera this feature-packed would have sold for twice the price. And the Vivicam 3.1 isn't some nasty knockoff from a no-name camera company. No siree, Vivitar ('the point and shoot people') have been at the forefront of photography since the 30s. So stick that in your 35mm museum piece and smoke it!

    Vivicam 3.1

    So what's so great about this particular offering from Vivitar? Well for starters the sleek Vivicam 3.1 features a nifty 1.5" TFT screen, so you can frame and review your photos on the move. It also boasts 14MB's of built-in memory (holds 84 images at 1280x960 or 15 high quality shots at 2048x1536), a 4x digital zoom, movie-clip capability (90-95 seconds at 320x240), triple-mode flash with red-eye reduction, USB connectivity, webcam function and a self-timer. How do you like that, then!

    Vivicam 3.1 If all this sounds like digital Dutch, fear not. Despite it's embarrassment of features the Vivicam 3.1 is a doddle to operate and it comes complete with dummy-proof software that allows you to play with your pics on your PC in an instant. The Vivicam 3.1 really is the perfect way to get into digital photography. Best of all, it takes fantastic snaps. The future of photography is bright, the future of photography is digital.

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