VisionRacer D-Box VR3
  • VisionRacer D-Box VR3

VisionRacer D-Box VR3

Gentlemen, start your engines

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    detail of seat close-up

    Fully adjustable carbon racing seat

    Driving a racing car with some toytown steering wheel whilst sitting in an armchair is a bit like piloting a fighter jet with a dinner plate whilst sitting on a stool. And with today’s ludicrously realistic PC racing games that simply won’t do. So why not splash out big time on a VisionRacer D-Box VR3.

    Brimming with WTF factor this incredible racing simulator works in conjunction with virtually all of the latest PC racing games to give you the most gut-wrenching, buttock-clenching racing experience in the history of gaming.

    Essentially a fully adjustable, state of the art racing chair mounted on a precision crafted aluminium CNC cut motion platform, the VisionRacer comes into its own thanks to D-Box motion actuators and a KAI Control, which work together to simulate every bump, curve, rattle and swerve. Vrooming ’ell!

    VisionRacer D-Box VR3

    Actuators recreate movement and simulate bumps, swerves and rattles!

    So what’s all this D-Box business? Well, D-BOX Motion Code™ uses motion effects specifically programmed and embedded into an ever-increasing number of games. These signals are whooshed to the VisionRacer’s motion generating system to replicate the movements of the on-screen vehicle, be it a rally car, an F1 rocket or a Stone Age milk float (well, you never know).

    Developed by race/rally engineers and gamers, this gorgeously engineered set up really is the ultimate racing rig. The only Mansell in the ointment is a price tag that would reduce even the most Ecclestone-walleted punter to tears. But once you experience this body-bashing, melon-twisting simulator in action you’ll understand why. Even Lewis and Jenson have been raving about it.

    Full racing setup:
    Gears - detail

    Gear lever on the correct British side

    Steering close-up

    Flappy paddles on the steering wheel


    Clutch, brake and accelerator pedals

    Attention to detail

    Chassis looks like exhaust tubing

    Forget about the money and think of the fun because this utterly gobsmacking rig will drop you into the game like never before. ‘Screeeeeech!!!’ It’s the perfect plaything for flush playboys, hardcore gamers and even full-on F1 drivers in need of a fix/new contract.

    You needn’t worry about hiring a pit crew because the VisionRacer comes assembled, ready to plug in and play via USB and mains power. Just download and install the D-Box and Logitech G27 drivers on your PC. Gentlemen, start your engines!

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