Viru Beer
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Viru Beer

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    For all those cynics who might claim we’re selling Viru Beer just because it’s got a funny-looking bottle, we have one thing to say – you’re pretty much spot on. But look at it! How could you not want to take a few sups from one of these magnificent glass cones?

    Well you wouldn’t be alone, because this award winning lager (pronounced ‘vee-roo’) has been turning heads for over 100 years. Inspired by the towers and churches of Tallinn, Estonia’s historic capital, this octahedral shape is sure to delight, amuse and refresh your guests. And you’ll need them, because we’re selling 20 at a time!

    Written above the label you’ll read ‘Oled see, mida jood’; which (if our patchy Estonian serves us correctly) translates as ‘you are what you drink’. Good looking, well travelled and delicious? We’ll raise a glass to that. As our Estonian cousins would say, Terviseks!
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