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Virtual Girlfriend and Boyfriend
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Virtual Girlfriend and Boyfriend

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    We've all had the occasional pretend lover, haven't we? You remember, that drop-dead gorgeous one you bragged about in the pub; the one who couldn't get enough of you; the one who'd done a bit of modelling; the one who none of your mates ever met; the one who, er…didn't actually exist.

    Don't despair, we've all told the odd relationship fib. But now, thanks to your matchmaking mates at Firebox, you can date a pretend partner to be proud of. In fact, with Virtual Girlfriend/Virtual Boyfriend you can date 8 different pocket-sized partners in quick fire succession without even changing your undercrackers.

    Virtual Girlfriend and Boyfriend These saucy little Tamagotchi-style gizmos are set to become must-have accessories for any wannabe smoothie who enjoys getting jiggy with it (that'll be everyone, then). Ideal for perfecting your relationship skills, each Virtual Girlfriend/Virtual Boyfriend features 8 LCD characters, all with their own distinct personality: from studious square to insatiable gothic bunny boiler.

    The idea is to keep your randomly selected cyber partner happy by taking them out, complimenting them, buying them gifts and doing naughty things with them.

    V Girls:
    Virtual Girlfriend and Boyfriend

    The more satisfied your virtual date becomes, the more points you collect and the longer the relationship lasts. Using the three control buttons you can select between gifts (anything from lingerie to deodorant), compliments (oblique or spectacularly blunt), places to go (the jewellers to the bingo) or, if you're feeling lucky, wild passion.

    V Boys: Virtual Girlfriend and Boyfriend

    If you don't like your date you can attempt to get dumped by insulting them and giving rubbish presents. Just like real life. Alternatively you can press reset and try your luck with someone else. Nothing like real life. The possibilities are endless and really rather risqué.

    You don't need us to tell you how ludicrously addictive attempting to get your wicked way with a special new someone is, even when they're encased in a little plastic box that hangs from your keyring. In fact, we feel a craze coming on. So hit Add to Cart before the whole world goes digi-date doolally.

    Game Icons:

    Virtual Girlfriend and BoyfriendGo out
    Take your partner on a date.
    Virtual Girlfriend and BoyfriendGame meter
    Show the relationship stats.
    Virtual Girlfriend and BoyfriendCompliment
    Dish out some praise.
    Virtual Girlfriend and BoyfriendEgo Warning
    Your partner is depressed!
    Virtual Girlfriend and BoyfriendGift
    Lavish them with presents.
    Virtual Girlfriend and BoyfriendSex-life Warning
    Frustration in the bedroom!
    Virtual Girlfriend and BoyfriendSex
    Get intimate.
    Virtual Girlfriend and BoyfriendRelationship Warning
    Things aren't looking good!

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