Vinyl Numbers Clock
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Vinyl Numbers Clock

3 O’Clock, it’s a magic number

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    Close up of the Vinyl Numbers Clock

    Close up of the record label

    Taking the term “cutting a record” a bit literally, artist Pavel Sidorenko has created a range of wall clocks from recycled 12” vinyls. Most of the records hail from Sidorenko’s native Estonia, so you might not be familiar with some of the labels (Supraphon, anyone?). But what does that matter? Once they’ve been re-imagined as these fantastic wall clocks their long-playing days are well behind them anyway. Shame.

    Putting our paper-snowflake decorations from last Christmas to shame, the clever cuttings-out of the Vinyl Numbers Clock make it both striking and practical. A cluster of overlapping numbers, this hotchpotch of fonts, sizes and orientations should look a dog’s dinner – but since the whole thing has been cut from a single 12” record it looks great!. The perfect retro addition to any office, bedroom or living room.

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