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Vintage Playing Cards WELCOME Picture
  • Vintage Playing Cards WELCOME Picture

Vintage Playing Cards WELCOME Picture

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    Think of playing cards and the mind usually conjures forth images of hearts, diamonds, royal flushes and Paul Daniels smothering audience members with that old wig of his whilst yelling ‘Not a lot’ to Debbie McGee. Or it that just us? The point is cards are not normally associated with stunning display pieces for the home. At least they weren’t until Vintage Playing Card Frames shuffled on to the scene.

    Brilliant gifts for almost any occasion, these high quality wooden box frames contain individual playing cards sourced from a 1930’s spelling game. Double mounted on a cream and black background, the cards are arranged to spell a message close to your recipient’s heart.

    Saying WELCOME in a way the humble doormat simply can’t compete with, this smart frame contains seven vintage playing cards that spell out the word in all its three vowel, four consonant glory. Ideal for hallways and porches, the Welcome frame is just the ticket for house-proud gaming historians (yes, of course they exist).

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