VinOAir Wine Aerator
  • VinOAir Wine Aerator

VinOAir Wine Aerator

Give it some air

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    Popping in the VinOAir Wine Aerator

    Pop in the bottle and pour

    Never mind giving your wine time to breathe once you’ve popped the cork – or sloshing it around a fancy decanter – the VinOAir Wine Aerator goes to work the moment your start pouring. Fit it to the spout of any bottle of vino and the Dual Venturi Chambers (yes, those) will draw air into the wine as it leaves the bottle, giving it the same richness and depth of flavour as a few minutes’ swirling in a decanter.

    Perfect if you don’t happen to have a decanter handy, or you just don’t go in for all that leaving-it-for-five-minutes malarkey. Come on – less waiting, more tasting!

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