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View-Master Retro
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View-Master Retro

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    View-Master Retro

    A design classic!

    Most of us associate virtual reality with hi-tech gizmos hard-wired into the brain via retinal interfaces. But, as anyone who's old enough to remember Alvin Stardust road safety campaigns and lipsmackinthirstquenching adverts for fizzy pop will tell you, View-Master was doing the whole VR thing years ago. Well, sort of.

    This low-tech binocular-like contraption was all the rage back in the 20th century, and now it's back in the sculpted shape of this retro re-issue. As we're sure you know, the idea is to slot in a themed cardboard disc and gasp in awe as you toggle through the 'stereoscopic' 3D stills.

    View-Master Retro

    Start collecting discs again!

    The View-Master manages to simulate binocular depth perception because two film slides are viewed simultaneously (one for each eye). It's not quite up there with the Matrix but the effect is still impressive, nearly 70 years after its launch. It actually has a fascinating history - even the American Navy used it in WWII to help train its servicemen to recognise enemy battleships.

    But enough already with the science claptrap, View-Master is all about gawping at fascinating images. Back in the day, virtually any story that could be condensed into a few scenes was given the View-Master treatment: movies, TV shows, the moon landings, nursery rhymes, cartoons - you name it. There were even discs of pop groups, royal weddings and tourist attractions.

    View-Master Retro

    Available in red, blue or black

    Despite View-Master's long history and countless upgrades, every disc ever made (1.5 billion and counting!) will work in this ingenious device. You'll never run out of new subjects to gape at.

    New: Las Vegas Reel
    View-Master Retro

    The Luxor

    The Flamingo Hilton

    The Stratosphere Tower

    The Apollo Moon Landing Reel
    View-Master Retro

    CSM awaits the return of Armstrong and Aldrin

    Armstrong's reflection in Aldrin's face plate

    Man's first footprint on the moon

    An irrefutable design classic, the View-Master features in America's National Toy Hall of Fame, so any self-respecting geek, old or young, should own one. It really is a memory-jogging masterpiece. Made you look, made you stare? Absolutely.

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