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Video Watch
  • Video Watch

Video Watch

It's what wrists were made for!

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    Video Watch

    Watch movies and listen to music on your watch!

    Forget about those ludicrous P Diddy-style bling watches and stupidly expensive chronographs made by some ancient Swiss bloke with half moon glasses and a pair of tweezers. In order to triumph in the never-ending battle of wristwatch one-upmanship you need a timepiece that plays movies. Enter the Video Watch.

    This surprisingly slim gizmo isn't diamond encrusted and it won't send out a distress signal from 20,000 leagues under the sea, but it will play movies and display photos on its high-resolution 1.5" screen in a most impressive fashion. It can even play your music files. Awesome!

    Video Watch

    Convert movies on
    your PC

    Transfer files via USB

    Sit back and relax to your favourite film!

    Simply USB the chic Video Watch into your PC, fire up the included software and download your favourite files. It's a doddle. And with 2GB of internal memory you can store hours of video or stacks of songs or photos. You won't need to worry about power because an internal rechargeable battery gets its juice from USB or mains and gives up to 8 hours playback for music and video. Before you know it you'll be watching blockbusters on the bus, cartoons in class (tut, tut, teacher) and slideshows on the 7.30 from Paddington.

    Video Watch

    Easily controlled by sleek buttons on its side (skip, volume, mode, play and pause), this amazing little gizmo even has 5 equaliser modes for audio playback. And speaking of sound, you can listen in using the included earphones. It's like having a portable cinema wrapped round your wrist. Sort of.

    Video Watch

    Comes with everything
    you need

    In all this excitement we almost forgot to mention that the Video Watch also displays the time and date in digital format. But who cares about that when you're glued to your favourite movies? It's guaranteed to make watch-bores and movie-buffs weep in complete and utter envy. Oh yes, one more thing: this multimedia marvel even operates as a dictaphone, which reminds us - note to self: buy a Video Watch. It's what wrists were made for!

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