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Video Notebook
  • Video Notebook

Video Notebook

Re-record, don’t fade away

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    Writing in the Video Notebook

    Record your best bits!

    Despite being large, clunky and prone to unravelling in your machine, there was always something loveable about VHS tapes. Stoic workhorses of your video cupboard, they were forever recording, playing back, and recording over movie after movie, TV show after TV show. Well now you can celebrate this much loved – but hopelessly obsolete – format with the Video Notebook.


    Sticky labels

    Almost exactly the same shape and size as a regular VHS cassette (just without the spools), this hardbacked notebook even comes with its own protective sleeve – making it ideal for carting around in a bag, or hiding on a bookshelf. And just like VHS tapes, it comes with its own set of sticky labels! Use it to store your recipes, log your gap year travels, or sketch out your schemes for riches (and label it appropriately). Or hand it to an iPod-toting emo-poppet and watch their little face scrunch up in confusion. Ah, some little pleasures will never die out.

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