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Video 2 Go
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Video 2 Go

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    This little unit simply plugs straight into your computers USB port

    Now that the digital revolution is in full swing you can point and snigger at video tape for being a completely rubbish format. But you weren’t laughing at the time. That’s why you’ve got piles of videotapes languishing in the loft. So why not whoosh them into your PC or Mac with the brilliant Video 2 Go.

    Simply attach this nifty converter to your video recorder or vidcam, USB-it into your computer and let the accompanying software work its magic. You can then watch, chop and crop converted vids on your computer, burn them to DVD, upload them to the interweb or download them to your portable player of choice. ‘Haha, Emu wrestling Snoop Dogg on The Word…on my iPod!’

    technical diagram on how to connect the Video 2 Go

    You can use the Video 2 go to connect video recorders, camcorders, games consoles and much more

    As well as its impressive ability to amalgamate obsolete technology with cutting edge jiggery-pokery, Video 2 Go is compatible with modern video sources. Use it to transfer Sky+ recordings or convert DVDs into iPhone-friendly MP4s. The possibilities are endless. Now where’s that tape of Shakin’ Stevens attacking Richard Madeley?

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