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Victorinox Swiss Army Knife

    Victorinox Swiss Army Knife

    The classic gadget

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      Maxim magazine elected the Swiss Army knife as number one in their list of the greatest gadgets of all time.

      The attention to detail that goes into every knife is legendary. Victorinox employs 950 people in their factory and over 10% of them work in the final inspection department ensuring that every product leaving the factory is considered to be the epitome of quality and precision.

      The Swiss Champ is the top of the Victorinox range and is produced from 64 separate parts with over 450 processes involved in its meticulous crafting.

      Top of the Victorinox range is the Swiss Champ featuring:
      • Large blade

      • Small blade

      • Corkscrew

      • Can opener and small screwdriver

      • Bottle opener with large screwdriver and wire stripper

      • Reamer, punch and sewing eye

      • Key ring

      • Tweezers

      • Toothpick

      • Scissors

      • Hook

      • Wood saw

      • Fish scaler, hook disgorger and ruler

      • Nail file, nail cleaner, metal file and metal saw

      • Fine screwdriver

      • Chisel

      • Phillips screwdriver

      • Magnifying glass

      • Pen

      • Straight pin

      • Mini screwdriver

      • Pliers and wire cutters

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