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Victorinox CyberTool 34

    Victorinox CyberTool 34

    The 21st century penknife

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      Fluffy-headed comic genius Billy Connolly once did a brilliant gag involving a Swiss Army (i.e. the army of Switzerland) parade line-up being bellowed at by a Windsor Davies-style drill sergeant who was imploring them to display their weapons - the world famous knives. 'Scissors OOT! Thing for getting things out of horses hooves OOT!' You get the picture.

      Quite what the Big Yin or Zurich's squaddies would make of the CyberTool is another thing entirely. Specifically designed to get at the little screws on computers and electrical devices, it also has the usual complement of stuff like blades, pliers, and a bottle opener. There are 34 features in all, and all of the screwdriver bits are housed in a neat holder.

      The Victorinox Cyber Tool comes in translucent red and consists of:

      • large knife blade

      • small knife blade

      • can opener

      • bottle opener

      • corkscrew

      • tweezers

      • toothpick

      • ballpoint pen

      • pliers

      • wire cutter

      • wire stripper

      • scissors

      • reamer

      • sewing eye

      • 3 permanent screwdrivers - 6mm, 3mm, 1.5mm

      • bit wrench

      • bit holder

      • 2 hex sockets - 4mm, 5mm

      • 2 pozidrive bits - #0, #1

      • 3 torx bits - #8, #10, #15

      • 4mm hex bit

      • Phillips bit - #2

      • keyring

      More detail and specification