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Victoria Surprise Cake Set
  • Victoria Surprise Cake Set

Victoria Surprise Cake Set

Lay it on thick

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    There’s nothing worse than slicing into a promising sponge cake, only to find a skimpy and disappointing layer of filling inside. Never mind if it’s jam, buttercream, or rich chocolate ganache – if your sponge-to-filling ratio is all wrong it can ruin your whole afternoon. So imagine our giddy squeaks when we discovered Victoria Surprise Cake Set. This clever kit lets you bake a cake with an absolutely enormous space for a secret filling inside.

    cake in tin lifting cake out of tin base ontop of cake finished cake

    Bake your sponge cake with the raised base

    Easily lift out with cake with the loose base

    Leave to cool while you cook your second sponge

    Fill with the surprise of your choice!

    How does it work? Well, simply bake two sponges with this anodised aluminium tin. The nifty removable tray creates a shallow well in each cake. Just top up both wells with your secret filling – cream and black cherries, buttercream and mandarin, vanilla and walnut, ooh hang on we need to sit down – then carefully place one on top of the other, so the fillings meet. To the naked eye, your finished cake will look like a standard sponge. But cut a generous slice and you’ll reveal the huge cavity and surprise filling inside. Now that’s enough to make anyone’s afternoon.

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