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Vibration Earphones
  • Vibration Earphones

Vibration Earphones

Good v-v-vibrations!

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    Vibration Earphones vibrating on the desk

    Watch our video of them vibrating!

    You spend ages downloading albums and putting together playlists so why listen to your music on some wimpy pair of earphones? Why indeed, because Vibration Earphones are here to deliver you from auditory purgatory.

    Utterly mind-blowing, these high quality ‘phones utilise patented stereo bone and air-conduction technology to produce unbelievable sound, piping rich audio straight to your inner ear. The effect is truly astonishing as sounds are converted into vibrations via the integrated 2.2 speakers. Imagine rich, pure sonics with an additional d-d-dynamic dimension and you’re only halfway there. These babies must be heard to be disbelieved.

    Close up of the ear phones   The remote control

    D-d-dynamic ear phones


    R-r-remote control

    As well as all this cutting-edge conduction and vibration malarkey, Vibration Earphones are extremely loud. WE SAID THEY… oh, never mind, you’ll find out soon enough when you plop ‘em in your lugholes. Clattering trains and chuntering buses? Who cares? Never in the field of audio technology has something so small been so flippin’ powerful. A woofer in tweeter’s clothing? Not half!

    Left/right 4 speaker:
    Diagram of bone-conduction and air-conduction

    The vibration and air conduction allows for virtual reality 3D sound effects!

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