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Veritable Smart Indoor Garden
  • Veritable Smart Indoor Garden

Veritable Smart Indoor Garden

Plant power

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  • The only garden that takes care of itself!
  • Self-watering smart garden that regulates its own climate
  • LED light keeps plants happy while the 3 week water supply keeps ‘em fed
  • Comes with 4 organic seeded growing packs
  • Super compact, no massive windowsill needed
  • Stunning minimalist design looks good anywhere


No garden? No Mediterranean climate? No time to babysit plants? We hear you. The Veritable Smart Indoor Garden hears you.

We are truly living in the future, evidenced by the fact that this majestic little garden is entirely self sufficient. Yes, you read that correctly: it takes care of itself!

The smart LED grow light adjusts to the conditions of the room you place it in, providing your delicate herbs with the optimal glow needed. It stays on for 16 hours a day and switches off for 8 hours to emulate a natural sunlight cycle. If you pop it near a window on a bright day, the lights will automatically dim to save energy. Clever. Smart, you might even say.

Now there’s no need to beg your flatmates to remember to water your precious plants when you jet off on holiday: this baby holds and distributes 3 weeks worth of water, so you can come home to your basil as perky as you left it.

Each box contains one grow pack each of cherry tomato, sweet basil, chives and parsley. They come with all the nutrients needed to sprout a healthy crop and are ridiculously easy to plant if you're more Monty Don't than Monty Don. Now sling those wilting supermarket herbs into the bin and pick up one of these, you luddite.
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