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Verbarius Clock

Time for a new clock

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    Forget hands. Forget numbers. In fact, forget using just one language. With the very excellent new Verbarius Clock now you can tell the time the way it’s meant to be told; whether you’re speaking English, Esperanto or an esoteric Eastern European dialect.

    Animation of the different languages

    Making it easier to tell the time (in different languages too!)

    This gloriously minimal rectangular clock features a tinted glass face and LCD screen, displaying the time using common phrases so you can stay punctual and practice your Portuguese at the same time! Eight past four? Seize heures sept? Ahhhh… Восемь последних четырех! Of course.

    Face/mode button

    Touch the face to change the mode

    simple buttons

    Simple buttons

    USB connection

    Download more idioms via USB

    With a host of languages available, and more being added regularly all you need to do is plug in the USB cable and download your preferred idioms. Bravo.

    More detail and specification