Verballs Internet Phone
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Verballs Internet Phone

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    Why natter for nothing using a regular Skype phone when you can do it via a goggle-eyed monster with huge hands? Don't ask us - we haven't got a clue. All we know is that everyone who sees a Verball in action is smitten in seconds.

    Verballs Internet Phone




    Mr V


    And who can blame them, because Verballs make most communication devices look about as exciting as rectangles with numbers on 'em. Essentially USB-powered handsfree speakerphones in disguise, Verballs are destined to become desktop favourites amongst VoIP users across the globe.

    Verballs Internet Phone
    Why? Well, for a start, each cartoon-esque critter waves its oversized hands, gospel-styley, and flashes its horns when a call comes in. So unless you walk around the house/office with a sack over your head, you'll never miss another Skype call!

    Verballs Internet Phone
    Maddest of all, each Verball moves its mouth every time your caller speaks. Which is very disconcerting in a badly-dubbed-kung-fun-movie kinda way. It's very funny, too. Especially when the boss catches you conversing with a little furry monster. Thankfully each Verball has headphone/microphone sockets in its rear (ouch!) so you can chat in private whenever you fancy.

    Verballs Internet Phone
    As well as funkifying your desk, you can also use these soon-to-be cult creatures to listen to MP3s (via the built-in speaker), download ringtones, use text-to-speech software and much more. All this and free calls too, because we're even chucking in 30 free Skype minutes.

    There are currently five Verball characters to choose from: Mr V, Striker, Boss, Britney and Baby. Yes, we realise they look a bit like Freddie Starr with a chronic case of underbite, but once you start chatting to your Verball, you'll wonder what you ever saw in headsets and standard speakerphones. It's good to talk, but it's even better doing it via a cute little monster!

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