Veleau Bicycle Mounted Hydration System
  • Veleau Bicycle Mounted Hydration System

Veleau Bicycle Mounted Hydration System

Drink and ride

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    Perfect for those long weekend rides

    Cycling is thirsty work. But reaching down for a water bottle as you climb the Alps/overtake some Boris bike-riding bozo is liable to result in a faceful of tarmac. And wearing a hydration backpack is far too cumbersome. So why not suck on the Veleau Bicycle Mounted Hydration System.

    Specifically designed for mountain, road, triathlon, touring and recreational cycling, this clever water pack sits securely under your saddle and employs two retractable reels to allow safe, easy access to its hydration tube bite valve. Simply pull the tube gobwards, drink and release, safe in the knowledge superstrong magnets will automatically ping it back to its position on the crossbar.

    step 1 step 2 step 3

    Pull the mouthpiece towards you

    Bite on the valve and rehydrate

    Anti-spill bite valve

    With a capacity of well over a litre, the Veleau is ideal for racers sick of sullying the line of their lycra tops with bottles. What’s more it’s perfect for cross-country fans, as most full-suspension bikes have no room for a bottle cage. You could even fill it with performance enhancing prune juice as you Paula Radcliffe your way to victory.

    profile fitted to racing bike

    Sits neatly under any saddle and won't take up space inside the frame of your bike

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