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Veho Z-1 Tangle-Free Headphones
  • Veho Z-1 Tangle-Free Headphones

Veho Z-1 Tangle-Free Headphones

Knot your average earphones

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  • No more tightly-packed nests of headphone cables
  • Robust 10mm speakers with bass enhancement
  • Cushioned noise-isolating buds with different sizes to fit all ears
  • Powerful, dependable and unpretentious
  • Wave goodbye to furious episodes of Tangled Cable Rage (TCR)


Realising that you've forgotten your earphones during the morning commute is a bit like stepping onto a long, rusty nail – you're instantly overcome with pain, anger and a powerful sense of remorse. Reaching into your rucksack only to find a depressing bundle of knotted cables is similarly enraging; so why not solve both of these conundrums with the Veho Z-1 Tangle-Free Headphones

If you're a seasoned music producer then these probably aren't the high-spec headphones you're looking for, but if you're after a trusty pair of earbuds that offer you great sound quality without all the fuss – you need look no further.

Possessing a robust pair of 10mm speakers with bass enhancement complimented by comfortable noise-isolating earbuds, they still pack a pretty serious punch in the audio department.

Best of all, the Flex anti-tangle cord system prevents the cables from getting into a knotted mess in your bag. It's glorious. These are the dependable, hassle-free headphones that you're going to keep in your bag and never forget, ever.

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6 Reviews

Average 4.5/5 stars
  • "Great quality headphones, they're loud, clear and don't tangle easily."
    Stuart - 22nd of July, 2015
  • "Best headphones I own and for £6! Bargain."
    Luke - 13th of July, 2015
  • "They genuinely don't tangle and the sound quality is great."
    Yseult - 18th of June, 2015
  • "Great value, top sound and fit. My ears thank you."
    Matthew - 11th of June, 2015
  • "The headphones were brilliant! Just what I needed to block out noise in my Sixth Form and listen to great sound quality! Utterly spiffing!"
    Georgina - 8th of May, 2015