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Veho Duopod

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    Taking photos of yourself is tricky, especially when all of your friends pile into the shot as well. And it usually ends in shots that are a little too zoomed-in for comfort. What is an amateur snapper to do? Well, either find yourself some go-go-gadget arms, or invest in a Veho Duopod.


    Great for your SLR

    tripod top extended

    Add more height

    Tripod legs extended

    Extend the legs

    Telescopic handle

    Telescopic handle

    This handy tool will not only extend your reach with a camera, it’ll double as a miniature tripod as well. So all those blurry shots and up-the-nose photos will be things of the past. Just connect your camera or camcorder to the Duopod and extend the telescopic handle. In seconds you could be taking perfectly-framed self-portraits, snapping your favourite band over the crowd, or frightening the life out of the person in the cubicle next to you. ‘Coo-eee!’

    Likewise, if you want to take a big group shot, just extend the telescopic tripod legs from the base and set up your camera on a wall, on the ground, or high up on a shelf. The perfect pocket-sized tool for any arty photographer, the Veho Duopod puts you back in control of your pics.

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