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  • Veggichop


Shred that veg!

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    Put in your veg and lock the lid...

    Whether you’re whipping up smoothies, chopping nuts, shredding veggies, or pureeing ingredients for soup, few other bits of kitchen kit are as versatile as the blender. But they’re usually pretty huge, tricky to store, tough to clean, noisy and prone to burning out if you put sausage meat in (we’ve never done that). But what’s the alternative? Well how about a hand-powered blender like the Veggichop?

    Far more compact than your typical blender, it’s great for whizzing up everything from onions to ice. And because you’re in charge of the rotating blades you have far more control over the coarseness of the end product. Just pop your items in the clear bowl, close the lid and pull on the ring-shaped handle. This simple action is enough to effortlessly spin the blades inside. Just a few pulls and you should have the consistency you need.


    ...then pull the cord to slice and dice

    When you’re finished blending, simply remove the blades and you can easily decant the whizzed-up food into a pan. Or better yet, clip on the extra storage lid and you can pop it in the fridge for when you need it. Perfect for mixing up a salsa, pesto, or soup.

    The whole thing can be broken apart and put in a dishwasher ready for next time. It’s the easiest, most efficient, and quietest blender we’ve ever seen. Who’s for guacamole?

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