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Vectron Blackhawk - 25% off!

    Vectron Blackhawk - 25% off!

    Hovering UFO

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      There have been remote control UFOs, but none come close to the Vectron Blackhawk. It's easy to fly because it's tethered with a line to the docking base. This provides the power to fly it but also prevents it straying and crashing. A Turbo Mode allows you to open up in open space, and an Autopilot feature makes the Vectron do all the work while you pretend to the crowd that you're a whizz with the whirlygig making their eyes stand on stalks.

      The clever thing that makes Vectron Blackhawk work better than any other toy of its kind is the rotation of the body - the whole thing spins round. There's no intricate balancing system involving motors and gyroscopes. The craft's control system is also unique. Pressing the handset's control lever forwards will always make the Blackhawk fly forward, back always back, right always right and pressing it left will always make it fly left. It takes a little practice to come to terms with this ingenious system, but once mastered, the control system is extremely fluid and sensitive.

      There are indoor flying things and outdoor flying things, but Vectron Blackhawk can be used in both environments, effectively giving you two toys in one. There is the added bonus of the LED display on the side of the craft, programmable with any 30-character message. Simple communication is possible via the medium of Blackhawk, with 'PUT THE KETTLE ON', 'TURN THAT BLOODY NOISE DOWN' and 'LOOK AT MY SPACESHIP' being among our favourites.

      You don't get bored with piloting the Vectron Blackhawk. Its vertical take-off is a particularly satisfying experience, and there's no question of first-timers not having their socks metaphorically blown off by the sheer coolness of this amazing UFO toy. There's nothing like it on Earth, or on other planets we should imagine.

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