Vecto Mini Water-Resistant Speaker
  • Vecto Mini Water-Resistant Speaker
  • Vecto Mini Water-Resistant Speaker

Vecto Mini Water-Resistant Speaker

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  • This tiny outdoor speaker is packing serious bite
  • You better microchip your sh*t because you're about to lose it
  • A killer 6 watts of powerful high-fidelity sound
  • Team size doesn't matter: teeny tiny design
  • 8 hours playback with only 90 minute charge time
  • Rugged water-resistant and shock-proof housing


When it comes to outdoor speakers people tend to do some eye rolling, said rolls are often accompanied by tutting, bitter disappointment and frustrated tears. Well, now it's time to pop your sorrows in the past where they belong, because the Vecto Mini Water-Resistant Speaker is here to wash away your woes.

With a rugged water-resistant and shock-proof chassis, this portable beast is designed to stand up to even the most reckless outdoor activities. Boasting a whopping 6 watt output and built-in Bluetooth (allowing you to wirelessly stream your music from any Bluetooth device such as a smartphone, tablet or MP3 player) you can also control the track and volume directly from the speaker.

Sure to survive even the booziest of escapades, the Vecto Mini has been given an IP64 rating, which means that your speaker will be protected from total dust ingress and protected from water spray from any direction, making this speaker ideal for camping, festivals, trekking, sailing, or frolicking with the lads. And ladies.

Packing a 700mAh battery, this little guy is capable of 4 hours continuous Bluetooth playback or 8 hours of line-in music playback, and only takes 90mins to charge.

The Vecto Mini also comes with a handy clip on karabiner, a USB charging cable & a line-in cable. What more could you possibly want? (Nothing. The answer is nothing.)

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2 Reviews

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  • "Brilliant, great sound quality. Can get quite loud considering the size. The water resistance hasn't been put to the test yet though!"
    Alexander - 10th of August, 2015
  • "Great speaker, with amazing sound! Used at least once or twice since the day of purchase. Perfect for use wherever and whenever."
    Luke - 24th of June, 2015