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Vaux for Amazon Echo Dot

Is there an echo in here?

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Vaux for Amazon Echo Dot
Love it as much as we do?
  • Turn your Echo Dot into a high-quality, battery-powered speaker
  • Better (and cheaper) than splashing out on the Amazon Echo
  • Dual 52mm Drivers for impressive sound and rich bass
  • 3.5mm jack so you can plug in your phone or tablet
  • A must-have for all Echo Dot owners
Most of us quite like the idea of Amazon Alexa – a friendly AI to pander to our every bidding. Playing our favourite songs, ordering us takeaways and answering pointless questions to settle heated debates.

...but not everyone wants to fork out £150 for a full-blown Amazon Echo, and this is where the Vaux for Amazon Echo Dot works its sweet magic.

Your Echo Dot plugs snuggly into the top of this stylish tower and is instantly transformed into a high-quality portable speaker for you to enjoy all around the house (or out and about).

Thanks to the rechargeable lithium ion battery there are no more wires to contend with; just the Echo dot you know and love with vastly-improved sound in a sleek and smart design.

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