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Are you some kind of banker?

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    Vault Coin Bank

    Ultimate solution to excess shrapnel.

    We've always got pocketfuls of cash. Sadly it's shrapnel not folding, so we're not about to walk into the local bank and annoy fellow customers by depositing it on the counter and asking what the best interest rate is. Nor are we about to conform to cliché by shoving it in a whacking great empty bottle.

    No, what we're going to do is bung it in the ingenious Vault Coin Bank. Why? Because this smart little battery-operated safe is the Fort Knox of secure piggy banks. What's more it looks just like one of those bulky safes that blokes in comedy robber outfits (stripy top, tights over the head and swag bag) are always trying to crack open in the movies. And that's good enough for us.

    Vault Coin Bank

    LCD screen balance.

    But there's more to this nifty little electronic safe than sleek aesthetics. As well as recognising all UK coins, the Vault Coin Bank calculates and displays (via its LCD screen) your ongoing balance as you drop coins in the slot. If you want to put banknotes inside you can adjust the balance manually.

    If you're concerned about light-fingered housemates, don't be; a traditional dial-style combination lock only opens when you input your special four digit PIN. Enough to flummox any "three to the left, five to the right" wannabe safecrackers. (Of course they could always pick up the safe and scarper but that just wouldn't be cricket).

    Vault Coin Bank
    But there's more. If anyone tries to open the safe it will actually tell you; once the door is opened with the correct code, the safe announces the number of attempted break-ins (up to five) and says "welcome back". By that time would-be tea leafs should be miles away (or hiding in their bedrooms) because three failed attempts set off a noisy alarm.

    Add to this impressive array of features a clock and realistic sound effects when you open the door and you're looking at the ultimate solution to excess shrapnel. So don't act like a banker, act like a smart cookie and hit Buy. Safe as!

    Opening the vault:

    Vault Coin Bank

    Press the code button.

    Turn the dial to the correct four numbers.

    Pull the handle down when blue light flashes.

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