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Varta Charge and Go
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Varta Charge and Go

World's fastest battery charging system

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    Here at Firebox we love batteries. A large proportion of the products we sell wouldn't work without them. And a powerless gizmo is about as much use as a knitted light bulb. In short, batteries rule. That said, we're like anyone else when the flippin' things go flat. Because in terms of disappointment, picking up a gadget and discovering that the batteries have had it is right up there with making a fry-up and discovering there's no sauce.

    Varta Charge & Go Charger So thank goodness for rechargeables. When French physicist Gaston Planté invented the first rechargeable battery back in 1859, he would have had little idea of the impact his twin sheets of lead, separated by rubber strips, rolled into a spiral and immersed in a solution containing about 10% sulphuric acid would have on the battery-buying masses. Of course, rechargeable batteries no longer resemble something pilfered from a nutty professor's lab - battery technology has moved on sparks and poles - a point that the incredible Varta Charge & Go system demonstrates with great aplomb.

    Varta Charge & Go Charger This amazingly chic little charger is capable of re-energizing two batteries in only 15 minutes! That's right, in less time than it takes a Big Brother housemate's star to dwindle, this compact, ultra-efficient unit can charge two AA or two AAA batteries to full capacity. Spring-loaded battery bays allow you to insert either size of what, in old money, were referred to as penlight batteries. Simply plug Charge & Go in and, er, go! A handy LED goes out when charging is complete and the unit automatically switches over to trickle charge.

    Varta Charge & Go Charger Considering the price of regular batteries we don't need to tell you how quickly the Charge & Go pays for itself. Better still, unlike old-school, overnight enormochargers, this smart little unit can power up your batteries in a flash. Buy one incredibly massive, ridiculously slow charger? No way, we just Charge & Go!

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