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Vapur Reflex Bottle

Roll up! Roll up!

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    It’s a great idea to reuse your water bottles, but they can be cumbersome to lug around all day – especially if they’re empty or you’ve only got a few gulps left. Wouldn’t it be good if there was a water bottle that changed size depending on how much liquid was in it?

    That would be the Vapur Reflex Bottle. This innovative, flexible (and forehead-slappingly obvious) pouch can be rolled up, folded, or squashed around the other items in your bag. The Vapur’s triple-walled design ensures there’s no risk of ruptures, spills, or soggy gym kit. But just to be sure, there’s even a caribiner for clipping to the outside of your bag.

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    Thanks to its clever construction, the Vapur will stand up when it’s full, making it suitable for slurping at your desk, or propping up at a picnic. But when it’s empty, it will lie almost completely flat, making it a doddle to stuff into your pocket, glovebox, or bag.

    The whole thing is made from BPA free plastic – so it’s safe for using around food – and the inner layer is odour, taste and stain resistant. So you could have a smoothie in it one day, and dry white wine the next (if that’s your thing). And when it comes to cleaning, you can even pop it in the dishwasher!

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