Vampire Chutney Gift Pack
  • Vampire Chutney Gift Pack

Vampire Chutney Gift Pack

Vamp-trampling chutneys

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    spooning out relish

    Devilish and delicious

    How would you scare off a bloodthirsty vampire? Garlic? Crucifixes? How about a cheese sandwich? Well thanks to the Vampire Condiment Gift Pack you can now arm even the most harmless-looking foods with three vamp-trampling preserves.

    Choose from Vampire’s Delight (a fiery apple chutney), Vampire’s Revenge (a hot plum chutney), or Vampire Relish (a spicy tomato salsa). Brought to you by seasoned Dracula-botherers the Garlic Farm on the Isle of Wight, each one is guaranteed to ward off even the most persistent bloodsucker.

    Three jars of condiments

    Gift pack contains (From L-R): Plum Chutney, Tomato Salsa and Apple Chutney

    A deliciously-different way to dress up your sandwiches, salads, cold meats and cheeses. These powerful chutneys also make great dipping sauces. Heck, you could even serve them with steak. Well, you’ll not be needing it anymore.

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