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V-Moda True Blood V80 Headphones
  • V-Moda True Blood V80 Headphones

V-Moda True Blood V80 Headphones

Super natural sound

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    vial on zip

    True Blood branded vial

    You already know that Sookie is hot, Bill is broody and Eric is cool. But did you also know that when they’re not slurping on B negative, the fangbangers and vampires of True Blood love listening to a few banging tunes. It’s true, and here’s the proof in the incredibly stylish shape of these V-Moda True Blood V80 Headphones.

    Yes, we realise cutting-edge cans have got little to do with life in Bon Temps, but who cares because these awesome True Blood branded compact headphones sound amazing. Featuring 40mm drivers they deliver coffin-rattling bass, meaty mids and incredible clarity. Indeed the V80s sound as good as they look.

    interchangeable plates

    Interchangeable plates

    But all this ear-caressing audio would be severely compromised if it were not for ‘Bliss’ noise isolating ear cushions. Super comfy they allow you to immerse yourself into a vampiric world of aural pleasure without distraction from the outside world. Good when you’re on the clattering 8.05 from Paddington, bad when Russell Edgington is sneaking up from behind, about to rip out your spine. Then again, being dead rocks!

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