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University Challenge Game

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    Here at Firebox College, London, we love University Challenge. From the freakishly brainy contestants to Jeremy Paxman's constant haranguing, this highbrow televisual institution is compulsive viewing. Even the theme tune is a humdinger.

    In fact the only bummer (aside from the fact the teams don't actually sit on top of each other) is that in order to have any chance of appearing on the show you have to attend university, study like mad and wear dreadful geography teacher-style threads.

    But not any more, because the University Challenge Quiz Game is here. This brilliant TV spin-off includes everything you need to conduct your very own intellectually demanding quizzes. It's just like being on the telly, only you won't have to hang out with a bunch of chinless wonders who could prattle on about Solzhenitsyn's shoe size but wouldn't know the first thing about important cultural icons like Chico and Geoffrey off Rainbow.

    Just as fast-paced as the real thing, the University Challenge Quiz Game features individual buzzers, 'flip-card' scorecards, wipe-clean name inserts, a built-in timer and 4 categories of question cards, ranging from basic to Hawkingly advanced. The only thing missing is Jeremy Paxman's sarky delivery - and we're sure you can provide that after a few shandies. Oh, do come on!

    If you've ever watched University Challenge and spent the whole show yelling "I was just about to say that!" this is your chance to put your brain where your mouth is. So here's a starter for ten, no conferring: name a hugely entertaining family game based on a legendary quiz show for brainboxes? Well interrupted, it is indeed University Challenge. So hurry up and get ordering becau….Bongggggg! (Sorry, that was the gong).

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