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Universal USB Socket Charger
  • Universal USB Socket Charger

Universal USB Socket Charger

Don’t run out of juice on the road

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    With smoking slowly going the way of the Macarena, in-car cigarette lighters are looking a bit redundant these days. Which is a shame, because we have plenty of gadgets that could use the extra juice from that neglected socket.

    lifestyle in socket view from the usb socket scale shot in hand

    Simply plug it into the in-car socket

    Plug in any device with a USB charger

    Small enough to carry everywhere

    Save the 12v socket on your dashboard from a life of obscurity with the Universal USB Socket Charger – deftly turning this former puffers’ paradise into a haven for USB-powered tech. Whether it’s a mobile phone, tablet, sat-nav, MP3 player or laptop, this handy piece of kit is a must for any long journeys.

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