Universal Remote for iPhone and iPod Touch
  • Universal Remote for iPhone and iPod Touch

Universal Remote for iPhone and iPod Touch

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    Ingenious infra-red-emitting protective case

    Fumbling around for the missing remote is one of life’s greatest irritants. And with an increasing number of remote controlled devices in the house, hardcore couch potatoes face frustrating times.

    Thankfully the one device that never leaves your side is your beloved iPhone/iPod Touch (bog off if you haven’t got one), and that’s where the iPhone Universal Remote comes in.

    Designed to put an end to multiple remote misery, this ingenious infra-red-emitting protective case works in conjunction with a free app to transform your iPhone/iPod Touch into an all-in-one remote for virtually any IR device in the house, from the TV and home cinema to the Sky box and stereo. Waddya think of them apples!


    Simple to set up, the Universal’s IR blaster is hidden within its sleek contours. Simply slip in your device, download the app, follow the on-screen directions (by pointing at existing remotes and pressing the appropriate buttons) and before you can say ‘it was down the side of the sofa’ your iPhone’s screen will resemble a regular remote, easy to read with all the ‘buttons’ you know and love.

    Whether you’re flipping between Dave and Bravo, silencing Moyles of a morning or Sky+ing Deadliest Warrior, this ingenious zapper is just the ticket. Plus you can hide existing remotes, rendering iPhone-less flatmates helpless. Haha!


    Works in conjunction with a free app

    Just to hammer the final nail in the coffin of regular remotes, the Universal is also futureproof, receiving enhancements and updates as and when. Give it a couple of years and you’ll be using it to mute your robot wife’s nag-ometer and perform keyhole surgery on your spaceship’s hyperdrive.

    If you’ve got an iPhone or iPod Touch and a TV (and who hasn’t?) the Universal Remote is most definitely for you. Better still it finally justifies fiddling with your phone or iPod whist watching the telly. Flippin’ brill!

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