Universal GPS Nav-Mat 2
  • Universal GPS Nav-Mat 2

Universal GPS Nav-Mat 2

Slap on your dash

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    Placing Sat Nav system on the Universal GPS Nav-Mat 2

    Place your Sat-Nav unit on the special flat-disc area

    If you think balancing a map on one knee is tricky, try balancing a satnav or iPhone on your curvy dashboard. Yes, you can suction-cup ‘em to the windscreen but that leaves tell-tale marks of the ‘in here Mr Thieving Yobbo’ variety. Besides, suckers have a habit of plopping off just when you need to glance at some pixellated gyratory system. That’s why it pays to steady your route-spewing gizmos with a supremely portable dashboard-hugging mat.

    Meet the Universal GPS Nav-Mat 2. This soft, rubberised mat uses Bracketron TemperBond technology to hold fast on any dashboard surface, whether it’s smooth or textured. Free from any gooey glue or foamy adhesive pads, this unique technology simply uses friction to hold the Nav-Mat 2 in place.

    Above view of the Universal GPS Nav-Mat 2

    Rather than suctioning to the windscreen, just connect your sat-nav’s windshield mount to the flat disc at the centre of the Nav-Mat 2. This gives you just as much freedom to adjust the viewing angle, without marking your windscreen or running the risk of mid-journey plop-off. We’ve all been there.

    Thanks to its ultra-thin, flexible design, the Nav-Mat 2 will blend into the contours of your dashboard, so it won’t stick out like a hitchhiker’s thumb. Once you’ve reached your destination, just fold it in your glove box, away from those window-shopping car thieves.

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