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Union Jack Sky Lanterns
  • Union Jack Sky Lanterns

Union Jack Sky Lanterns

Fly the flag

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    Union Jack Sky Lanterns

    Flying high

    It’s all happening in Blighty over the next couple of years, from the royal wedding and the Olympics to Blue’s doomed attempt at Eurovision glory. So why not celebrate all that’s great about Britain with a few Union Jack Sky Lanterns.

    Emblazoned with the Greatest Flag in the World™ these biodegradable paper lanterns are guaranteed to add patriotic wonderment to any Brit-themed celebration as they climb into the night sky like mini hot air balloons, drifting for 20 minutes over distances of up to 15 miles. It’s enough to bring a beery tear to any pub landlord’s eye.

    Simply light the non-drip fuel cell and watch in awe as your great British lantern ascends gradually to the heavens, watched from above by Churchill, Shakespeare, Nelson and Mercury. Probably. Flying the flag has never been so inspiring. All together now, ‘Rule Britannia…’

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