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Unicorns and Urinals: Dirty Word Game
  • Unicorns and Urinals: Dirty Word Game
  • Unicorns and Urinals: Dirty Word Game
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Unicorns and Urinals: Dirty Word Game

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Unicorns and Urinals: Dirty Word Game
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  • It was only a matter of time before someone combined them
  • A magical fast-paced word game
  • Team up and try to guess the most same-letter word pairs as possible
  • You’re on a timer so you’d better be quick!
  • Includes plastic urinal cake, naturally


Can you guess which wacky word pairs your partner is trying to clue you into? We hope you said yes or you haven’t got a hope in hell of winning this game!

Start by describing the words on your card. Oh yeah, there's a catch! You're not allowed to say the word or what letter they start with. Then your teammate has to guess what you were on about. If they're stumped and the other team guesses it, they get to snatch the urinal cake and bag themselves a point, thus winning the card. The team with the most cards at the end wins. Simple, right?

But don’t let the easy rules fool you. This game is a challenge, guaranteed to cause havoc and ruin friendships for the more competitive players amongst you. It’ll be worth it for all the banter. Now, thongs or thermometers?

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