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Unicorns Are Jerks Colouring and Activity Book

Show their true colours

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Unicorns Are Jerks Colouring and Activity Book
Love it as much as we do?
  • Contains over 40 pictures of Unicorns being total jerks
  • Stealing your leftovers, texting in the cinema etc.
  • Discover the sordid truth through the medium of colouring-in
  • The original best-seller plus 27 new illustrations
Unicorns aren't all happy rainbows and magical sparkles. They're massive a**holes.

That's right, the brutal truth is out and this colouring and activity book finally exposes these horned jerks and all of their unacceptable behaviour. Giving away the endings to your favourite TV shows, eating your leftovers, playing loud music into the small hours, the list goes on...

Lift the veil on these wretched creatures and take out your anger on over 40 illustrations and activities.

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  • "A lot of fun and actual relaxing."
    Daisy - 13th of February, 2018