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Unicorn Tears Raspberry Gin Liqueur
  • Unicorn Tears Raspberry Gin Liqueur
  • Unicorn Tears Raspberry Gin Liqueur

Unicorn Tears Raspberry Gin Liqueur

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Unicorn Tears Raspberry Gin Liqueur
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  • Magical raspberry gin liqueur from the tear ducts of REAL unicorns
  • Infuse your cocktails with the mystical power of ethereal horned ponies
  • Extra pink and shimmery for even more beautiful beverages
  • Simply swirl to unlock the stunning iridescence
  • Sweet, plump raspberries, sour citrus, curious juniper berries, mmm…
Ve - Suitable for Vegans


There’s good news and bad news.

Bad news first: the guys at the unicorn farm messed up and fed half of our majestic mares a diet of juicy fat raspberries.

The good news? Turns out that it made their tears even more DELICIOUS. Second only to our Black Unicorn Tears gin. Or possibly the original. 👀

This magical gin liqueur is bursting with the tart sweetness of succulent raspberries, expertly teamed up with tangy citrus, spicy juniper berries and subtle notes of liquorice to deepen the flavour and keep gin connoisseurs guessing.

Disappointed beyond consolation with their sad succulent raspberry meal plan, our unicorns cried rare extra-potent pink tears teeming with double the iridescent shimmer. We’re not entirely sure how the sadness translates to more sparkles and higher opacity but our team of in-house Unicorn Scientists confirm it’s Legit Science and not something someone made up.

As per the original formula, raspberries aside, the unicorns were treated impeccably. Feeding an animal some delicious plump bittersweet berries is not cruelty. That said, the least you could do is buy some for their troubles. Swish it around, unleash a torrent of sparkly glitter, sip, and spare a thought for the unicorns that gave their tears so that you could get crunk.
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21 Reviews

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  • "Amazing!! It is definitely for someone with a sweet tooth, I love it! Very high quality & makes you feel like a princess fairy🧚🏼‍♂️"
    - 7th of July, 2020
  • "Bought as a gift for my 19yr old daughter & went down very well indeed! "
    - 20th of August, 2019
  • "This is what I imagine the elixir of life tastes like, I had one drink of this and now I can fly and have laser vision "
    - 5th of June, 2019
  • "Absolutely fabulous. And at a great price "
    - 26th of April, 2019
  • "Bought this for my nieces 21st she absolutly loved it. I quite simply bought her the best pressie ever. Smashed it"
    - 28th of February, 2019