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Unicorn Sprinkles Shaker
  • Unicorn Sprinkles Shaker
  • Unicorn Sprinkles Shaker

Unicorn Sprinkles Shaker

Taste the Rainbow

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  • Dispense magical sprinkles from the backside of a mythical steed
  • Penetrating stare, majestic technicolour mane & proud yellow horn
  • Forged from an enchanted plastic
  • Add that sweet rainbow flavour to your ice creams & cupcakes
  • Hundreds and thousands of reasons to buy it


Wherever there's a bare scoop of ice cream, a delicious wobbly trifle or a freshly baked cupcake – the mighty Unicorn Sprinkles Shaker is never far away. Just whistle and this fine mythical steed will come galloping to your side, ready to dispense a magical rainbow of sprinkles from it's shapely backside.

Boasting a majestic technicolour mane and a proud yellow horn, she thrives on a rich and balanced diet of hundreds and thousands (or whatever you choose really, she's not fussy). Simply feed her through a hidden twist-stopper in her hoof, then flip her over, shake her up and let the magic rain down upon your sweet deserts.

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9 Reviews

Average 4/5 stars
  • "Fantastic, just as is imagined."
    Fiona - 22nd of June, 2016
  • "Very pretty and different. . Great little gift for the price. It was a present for my grand daughter who loves sprinkles,."
    Maria - 11th of April, 2016
  • "I absolutely love this sprinkles shaker! I bought one for myself, and one for my friend (twinsies!) and she loved it too!"
    Courtney - 9th of February, 2016
  • "She likes Unicorns. It's gonna work out grand. "
    Yvonne - 15th of December, 2015
  • "I sent this as a gift and it was well received! She loved everything about this unicorns sprinkle pooping butt!"
    Cassandra - 24th of November, 2015