Unicorn Powerbank
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Unicorn Powerbank

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Unicorn Powerbank
Love it as much as we do?
  • Unicorns and power banks, together at last
  • Packs a mighty 2000mAh of power!
  • Provides approximately one full charge for most smartphones
  • That’s from 0% to 100%, in case you hadn’t gathered
  • Looks just like the unicorn emoji but irl


Unicorns are brimming with power and magical energy - so it was about bloomin’ time that someone thought to harness all that unused mythical goodness for something.

Packing an impressive 2000mAh of mythical phone charging juice, this lightweight unicorn shaped charger provides one full charge (0-100%) for most smartphones. And also looks really cute in your bag, which is clearly the most important bit.

Warning: you might not be able to stop twizzling this majestic beast’s corkscrew horn. It’s very very fun to fiddle with.

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  • "I bought it for a present and my friend loved it!"
    - 16th of March, 2019