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Unicorn Neon Lights
  • Unicorn Neon Lights

Unicorn Neon Lights

Enchanted illumination

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  • Light up your home with a mythical cocktail bar ambience
  • Powered by USB or batteries (as opposed to pixie dust)
  • Two fabulous sizes to choose from
  • Large desk version has a dimmer so you can dial up the magic


Bring a mythical cocktail bar ambience into your living space with these Unicorn Neon Lights.

There are two fabulous styles of steed to choose from – filly, mare and err... wall-mounted:

  • Possibly the cutest of the two, emits a soft neon glow
  • Powered by batteries or USB cable so you can perch this pint-sized pony anywhere
  • Comes with a built-in dimmer switch so you can dial its magical glow up and down as you please
  • USB or mains powered

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  • "THIS LOOKS FANTASTIC IN THE LIVING ROOM. Probably the best unicorn item I bought thus far "
    - 15th of May, 2019